Updated in January, 2021

Relevant information for entrepreneurs about the coronavirus

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has many implications for companies and international businesses. To inform you as well as possible, we have created a page showcasing the latest news and initiatives on the coronavirus of various partners and organizations (in alphabetical order).


Government of São Paulo on the corona

Important information and news on the topic on the Government’s official page.

Site “Vacina Já”

For pre-registration for vaccination in the state of São Paulo, click here.

Government of Rio de Janeiro on the corona

Important information and news on the topic on the Government’s official page.

Protocol to resume activities pos-quarantine

Document created by Fiesp, consult it here.



The Dutch government on the coronavirus

On this page, the Dutch government shows which measures are being taken against the coronavirus at the national level. Also letters to parliament with regard to the virus are placed here.


Website for all Dutch representations abroad. This includes embassies, consulates and trade offices.
For information on the latest news, including the Dutch lockdown measures and travel restrictions, click here.

Message from the Embassy of the Netherlands (March 2020)

Message from the Embassy on the coronavirus towards the Dutch citizens, read here.




Tools and documents shared by our member-companies


New labour rules 

A summery by CLM Controller according the MP 927/2020, read it here.

How can your industry respond at the speed of COVID-19’s impact?

EY’s insights on the impact of the pandemy in nine industries, read it here.

“Resiliência Empresarial – Plano de Gestão de Crise: COVID-19”

Some insights to contribute with organization in the elaboration of their crisis management plan, read it here.


ING on the impact of the coronavirus on the economy

ING is a Dutch bank, founded in 1881. They maintain a blog on this page with the economic consequences of the coronavirus in the Netherlands.

Covid-19 Navigator

A tool created by PwC to evaluate the potential impact of this crisis on your business and your responsiveness capacity, access it here.



Initial Impacts of Covid-19 on the Brazilian Consumer

An study done by Rabobank to evaluate the change on the consumer habits after the coronavirus pandemic, read it here.

Summary of Federal Regulations on the COVID-19

Document created by Zaroni Advogados, read it here.



AkzoNobel’s rapid response aids construction in China 

AkzoNobel donates 450 tins of Dulux Pro interior emulsion during the early days of the construction of a hospital in Yinchuan. It helped to ensure that the new buildings could be completed on time (in just 15 days) as part of an urgent local response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Read the full article here.

Beating the isolation blues in care home for elderly women, an initiative by AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel colleagues in Brazil have been making an extra effort to help the residents of a care home for elderly women located in the southern state of the state in Rio Grande do Sul.  By organizing an internal campaign, employees were invited to talk to some of the residents. Read the full article here.

Deloitte actions to support our society 

Learn about Delloite’s initiatives to support Brazil in facing the crisis, as well as measures to protect our people and their customers. Check all their activities here.


Philips last actions to increase the hospiral ventilators 

Philips details plans to increase its hospital ventilator production to 4,000 units/week by Q3 2020, and introduces its new Philips Respironics E30 ventilator with an immediate production of 15,000 units/week, read the full article here.


Other initiatives

For more nice iniciatives during the pandemic from our member-companies, read here our “Doing Good Together” newsletters – Corona edition.

Shell, in partnership with Fiocruz, will suport the production of coronavirus Rapid Tests

Read the full publication here.

Unilever & Heineken will produce sanitisers for the favelas

Families from 210 communities in São Paulo will receive the donation. Read the full article here.

Other relevant links


Read more about the impact of the coronavirus on the entire export sector and the economic measures taken by the cabinet on the special corona page of Atradius via this link.

Evofenedex about the coronavirus

What can you do if your company is directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus? Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and a selection of recent articles.

FME reporting & information point for coronavirus

FME, the business organization for the technology industry, has a reporting and information point for entrepreneurs who are adversely affected by the coronavirus.

Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam publishes all relevant information about COVID-19 here. In addition, entrepreneurs can view the newsletter on this page that provides weekly updates about the coronavirus (in NL and ENG).

KVK on the coronavirus

The Chamber of Commerce shows what you as an entrepreneur should know about the coronavirus here.


Koninklijke Metaalunie on the coronavirus

Koninklijke Metaalunie supports Dutch SME entrepreneurs in the Metal industry with the consequences of the coronavirus on this page.

MKB-Nederland on the coronavirus

All information about the coronavirus is collected by MKB-Nederland on this page.

RIVM on the coronavirus

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) provides advice and information about the disease with referrals to Q & As and the spread of the coronavirus here. In addition, RIVM has made an up-to-date Q&A page available here. And here you can follow the spread of the coronavirus all over the world.

In addition, RIVM this page up-to-date with the course of action for (company) doctors. The appendix ‘Abro-infact messages’ is very useful for company doctors.

RVO on the coronavirus

The RVO has created a list of frequently asked questions for a number of countries, this was done in collaboration with the of Foreign Affairs and the international network of embassies and consulates-general.

VNO-NCW on the coronavirus

This is what our partner VNO-NCW released about the coronavirus.


Now that all events have been canceled or postponed, various institutions are switching to webinars.

Check what our member-companies are organizing:


Ernst & Young

Webcasts on COVID-19, watch it in English, and in Portuguese.


Webcasts series on corona, register here.


Webinars and virtual events, register here.


On NLinBusiness‘ website, you will find an overview of webinars from their network that may be relevant.

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Do you prefer listening to podcasts? Various organizations are facilitating this.

Listen to the podcasts of our member-companies:



COVID-19 Podcast mini series – Keeping Connected with Global Tax & Legal, listen here.


At ‘Grenzeloos Ondernemen‘ you will find podcasts about entrepreneurs from different countries and the corona crisis.

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