With almost 3.000 dedicated employees driven to excel every day, Royal Agrifirm Group delivers measurable, relevant and sustainable value to the agricultural sector worldwide. Founded over 125 years ago in the Netherlands, Agrifirm is a global company, continuously searching for opportunities to grow.

Agrifirm offers a wide range of innovative and effective animal feeds, customized premixes, high-performance concentrates, additives, functional feed ingredients, digital tools and professional advice. Solutions that play a major role in animal health, well-being, maximizing our customers results, joining forces to achieve a responsible food chain for future generations.

Full Address:
Rua Dr. Brasílio Vicente de Castro, 111
Campo Comprido
Curitiba-PR, Brazil

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Address Rua Doutor Brasílio Vicente de Castro 111 81200-526 View map
Phone +55 47 3562-8200


Rua Doutor Brasílio Vicente de Castro, 111 - Campo Comprido, Curitiba - State of Paraná, Brazil

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