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Feeding the Future is not only the reason for being but an urgent call to solve the increasing number of social, environmental, economic and qualitative challenges facing Trouw Nutrition’s feed-to-food chain as the world’s population grows. How do they help customers produce food for millions of consumers and pets worldwide without depleting the planet- and while making a living?

At Trouw Nutrition, they believe in the power of innovation, nutrition and good farm management to lead the change towards more circular and renewable food production methods respectful of the people and nature that makes them possible, and they have the scale, the people and the decades of experience at all stages of the feed-to-food chain to back it up with action.

By working with them you can help accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable food system and create the brighter future we all hope for, from planet to plate.

Full Address:
Headquarters in Campinas
Avenida José Rocha Bonfim, 214 – Cond. Praça Capital, Ed. Tokyo
Loteamento Center Santa Genebra

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Address Avenida José Rocha Bomfim 214 13080-658 View map
Phone (19) 3790-1600

Trouw Nutrition

Avenida José Rocha Bomfim, 214 - Jardim Santa Genebra, Campinas - State of São Paulo, Brazil

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