news Published on September 24, 2021

Dutcham News - BLISS (Brazilian Language Industry Association) is Live!

BLISS - the Brazilian Language Industry Association starts its journey by welcoming all companies in the localization, language services and technology industries, as well as universities.

The idea of joining several language services companies to create an association — such as those already present in other countries — was born in 2018, during a GALA conference. Two years after that first meeting, the idea was brought to life with the creation of BLISS.

BLISS will seek the continuous improvement of the Brazilian language services industry on several fronts, working with universities to develop academic curricula to meet the market demands, promoting webinars and conferences to exchange information, ideas and good practices, and advertising companies at national and international conferences and trade events.

BLISS welcomes new members who wish to join the eight founding companies (Aliança Traduções, Brazlate - Language Solutions, Inside Language Solutions, Korn Translations, LocHouse Translation & DTP, Satsuma Translation, Transmaster Traduções, and Wordlink Traduções). Together, we will work to strengthen our industry.

The first board of directors is composed of Celia Korn (President), Paulo Guimarães (Vice-President), Ana Vivacqua (Marketing Director), Andrea Gonçalves Pinto (Secretary) and Rafael Sousa (Treasurer).

The Council members are Cinthia Stephani, Ingrid Barbosa, Cristina Gonzales, Gisley Ferreira, Lilian Mautone, Carla Carneiro and Roberta Aquino.

For more information, please contact: or visit their website.

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