Doing Business in Brazil

Willing to do business in Brazil? Need some help to kick off your business? Looking for the right contacts? Dutcham can provide you a good support for entering the market.

At Dutcham, we understand that doing business in Brazil doesn’t come easy.

Together with our Dutch companies, local business partners, the Dutch Embassy and Consulates, we have been here since many years. Brazil is a large, complex and diverse country, with lots of challenges but even more opportunities.

To be successful as a foreign investor, you need a good understanding of the cultural differences, a strong knowledge of the local systems and procedures and especially lots of perseverance. Even though initiating business in a new country can be challenging, we believe that nothing is impossible for a well prepared and convinced mind that holds the right information.

Our Dutcham Compass Guide will give you a good first impression of opportunities & challenges in Brazil and will furnish you with useful tips, tools and important information compiled by our trusted local experts. In this way we would like to provide a first support to all Dutch entrepreneurs willing to come to Brazil and assist them on their journey navigating through this fascinating country. The guide is composed of 5 relevant sections giving the entrepreneurs a warm welcome, defining why Brazil is a good place to invest, the first steps on how to do business here, testimonials from those who already made their way into Brazil, how Dutcham and the Dutch diplomatic network can assist newcomers and the contact information of our trusted partners

Interested to do business in Brazil? 

Let us know how we could help you and your organisation in entering this fascinating country and building a successful, sustainable business.

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Dutcham is pleased to support your entrance in the Brazilian market!


With pleasure we share with you – a Dutch entrepreneur or SME – the knowledge and expertise that we have been building since many years on the local market.


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