Orange Academy

The Dutcham Orange Academy is a Talent Program towards young professionals who are active in the Dutch business community in Brazil.

Major Dutch companies selected their most promising talents to participate in this 8-weeks of training program focused on transformational learning for the next generation of global business leaders.

The program is composed by 8 different sessions on key topics such as the new company culture, leadership of tomorrow, personal branding, sustainability, and Diversity & Inclusion, and it was facilitated by top-level professors, researchers and academics, and senior business leaders who shared their knowledge and insights with the talents during different sessions and workshops.

Besides the concept of bringing young professionals together and letting them “share, learn and grow”, the Orange Academy also wanted to challenge the talents of the different Dutch companies around their personal vision for the future of Brazil, the role of companies & organizations and as future leader. Then during their “graduation session”, they also had to present the results of their projects developed during the previous months, and the winning teams were invited for the Talent Trip.

Dutcham Orange Academy 2022


The second edition of the “Orange Academy” was organised in the first semester of 2022, in partnership with Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

A diverse group of 24 young talented, out of our Orange member-companies, have been selected to join the program.

In small groups, the talents worked together intensively for 8 weeks on the “Case 2022”, a project on how to contribute positively to the future of Brazil. In this project they were personally challenged on where to put the focus for Brazil and how to translate this into a joint strategy and concrete plan for Dutcham and the Dutch companies towards a better future in Brazil for everyone.

Winning team: “Team Cherry”, with a project focussed on “decent work for all”.

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Dutcham Orange Academy 2021


The first edition of the “Orange Academy” was organised in the first semester of 2021, in partnership with Nuffic Neso Brazil and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

This training programme focused on 24 young talents, 19 selected from our Orange Members (1 candidate per member-company), and 5 selected from Nuffic Neso’s alumni network.

As part of the program, the youngsters had to present a final graduation project during the closing session. Five groups presented their vision and strategy towards the CEOs of the Dutch companies, people from the Dutch diplomatic corps and the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Winning team: The group on “Mission & Purpose“.

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