Milk Campaign 2023

Doing Good Together

Dutch companies doing good together in Brazil

Since 2 years we have been bringing our Dutch companies together in Brazil to support the local community. An initiative of Dutcham that was started during the pandemic in which we support hundreds of medical service providers by means of a bouquet of tulips as a small “Dutch” gesture. Watch our teaser here.

Intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazil is again returning to the official United Nations (UN) hunger map. Therefore, we brought our members together to support hundreds of families in the poorest areas of Sao Paulo by donating thousands of liters of milk. A small thing but every drop counts. Watch our teaser here.

Dutch companies doing good together in Brazil

Our proposal for 2023

Milk is an important part of the daily food requirement, however it is often the less donated towards people in need.

The gratitude we received during our campaign last year convinced us to repeat the same action in 2023.
We need your support.

Help us to make the difference?

  • Your company can donate;
  • Your employees can become a volunteer on the day of the milk delivery.

Details on how to donate will follow shortly.

Our proposal for 2023



Camila Chaves

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