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Imagine your company with the right inventory at the right place and at the right time. That’s what Slimstock does. Slimstock is a Dutch company with more than 1.000 customers worldwide. Its team of experts help businesses to achieve better and more sustainable supply chain results. Its platform, Slim4, connects to every ERP and it is based on advanced algorithms with an user friendly interface. Throughout Slim4, companies become more agile and responsive to conquer its supply chains goals by an optimized inventory management. More than a software company, Slimstock is also a knowledge company and its Academy is a reference for supply chain professionals.

Full Address:
Slimstock do Brasil
Rua Jaceru, 235
Vila Gertrudes
São Paulo-SP, Brazil

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Address Rua Jaceru 235 04705-000 View map
Phone +55 11 2391 1080


Rua Jaceru, 235 - Vila Gertrudes, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

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