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Welcome to Dutcham´s web-site.  

“Dutcham” is the registered trade mark of the Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, a Brazilian non-profit organization registered as an association with the name “Câmara de Comércio Holando-Brasileira” at the Brazilian authorities under number CNPJ 61.786.638/0001-94. Free translations of its name in Dutch and English include: “Nederlands Braziliaanse Kamer van Koophandel”, “Holland Brazil Chamber of Commerce”, “The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce for Brazil”, “KvK Brazilië-Nederland” and others.
In its daily life and on this site, the preferred language is English, in order to make it useful to parties in both Brazil and the Netherlands.
For the same reason, we kindly request all parties contacting us to do so in English, rather than Dutch or Portuguese.
And contact in written it is we prefer to receive above phone-calls, because we work with limited means and without permanent staff.
The latter also means that on busy days, we make requests received from clearly identified companies a priority above “gmail” or “hotmail” correspondence from private individuals.
We hope you understand our limitations and thank you for your comprehension.