One of our main purposes at Dutcham is to share information and best practices, and our committees allow us to focus on the topics that are more relevant to our companies. Our members are more than welcome to join us on these committees.


  • At Dutcham we are committed to business-related and socially responsible topics among our Dutch companies. Through our special Committees we provide a closed platform for sharing information, identifying common interests and achieving shared objectives.

  • Our Dutcham Committees have become an important and valuable part of our association and an added value for our Dutch companies in Brazil.
  • Each Committee is composed of representatives from different companies and diverse industries, each of them senior level managers with extensive experience and know-how in the specific field.

The purpose of our Committees is to join forces and contribute positively to the local community in all aspects. Because “Doing Good Together” feels good.





Learn more about our committees:

Diversity & Inclusion Committee