Doing Business in Brazil


Brazil: Where Size, Economy and Diversity Converge

  • 05th largest country in the world (200x bigger than the Netherlands)
  • Brazil is 9th largest economy in the world
    (USD 1.9 trillion in 2022)
  • 215 million people 
  • Abundant natural resources
  • One of the Top 10 largest trading partners of the Netherlands. 
  • Strategic location to other Latin American markets.    


A Hub of Biodiversity, Innovation, and Industrial Relevance

  • Home to the World´s largest biodiversity
  • 60% of all R&D investment in Latin America is allocated in Brazil
  • Top performing industries on ICT, Travel & Tourism, finance & banking systems, machinery, automotive, electronics, electrical goods, textile and Oil & Gas 
  • Leader in clean renewable energy
  • Second largest manufacturing sector in the Americas.

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Thank you very much! The list that Dutcham provided alone, in combination with a professional team of local sales agents, is priceless and will greatly improve our ability to maintain stable and continuous contact with Brazilian protein producers.
Faysal Ramsis
CEO of Belt & Chain,
Support for finding local suppliers
It was a pleasure to work with the Dutcham team during the Agri Trade Mission to Brazil. Thank you again for all your efforts and support to contribute to a successful trade mission. I look forward to another opportunity to collaborate in the future.
Jessie Brockhoff
Partner at Handelsroute.NL,
Trade Mission Support
Thank you for all your excellent work and support in Brazil during my visit.
Reza Theunissen
International Sales Director Innovatest Europe B.V,
Market Entry Support