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Dutcham introduced the “Dutcham Inspire Awards Dinner 2023“, an initiative in which we looked for the most inspiring projects & initiatives of 2022 in the field of CSR and brought them on stage during an exclusive gala evening. Click here to read up on the nominated projects.

Our members – Dutch companies and local companies with a Dutch link – presented their most inspiring projects during this exclusive dinner in São Paulo/SP. The nominees and winners in the 3 categories were announced in the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister (Mark Rutte) and all prominents from the Dutch business and diplomatic community in Brazil.

It was an unforgettable evening of inspiring projects, top-level networking, gastronomic excellence and live music. Do you want to be a part of next year’s Inspire Awards Dinner? Become a Dutcham member!

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For the past years, Dutcham has brought together our Dutch companies in Brazil to support the local community. During the pandemic, we provided assistance to medical service providers with bouquets of tulips as a small “Dutch” gesture.

In response to the intensified hunger crisis caused by COVID-19, we joined forces to donate thousands liters of milk to hundreds of families in impoverished areas of Sao Paulo. The sponsors of the 2023 Inspire Awards donated R$ 38.000 for this years campaign. Every drop counts. Watch our video about the campaign.

Join us in making a meaningful impact and creating a better future for all. Read more about the project and how to participate here.




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